Greenbriar High School

About Greenbriar

Welcome to Greenbriar high school– an academic institution that provides students with a strong academic foundation in a safe and nurturing environment.

Greenbriar high school offers culturally enriched and academically challenging university preparatory programs for students.


Our school draws upon the foundations of Ontario’s private-school education system, and integrates the diverse educational concepts of international high schools with localized education models. That is because we are committed to training global leaders and bringing together international active talents. 

While laying the foundation for a lifetime discovery and learning, Greenbriar high school embraces critical thinking, social awareness and entrepreneurship in the curriculum, involving students in various workshops, activities and volunteering. Greenbriar high school has helped students develop an understanding of educational and career opportunities, utilizing a self-discovery approach to identify their interests, talents, and work values.

Vision & Mission

De parvis grandis acervus edit is the motto of our school, standing for: “small things will make a large pile.” In other words, it means we can make a big difference in the world, little by little.


Greenbriar high school is a transformative learning community that nurtures the intellectual growth and individual development of our students. Our vision has encouraged every student to feel the sense of accomplishment brought out by learning, improving their attitudes and interests towards the path they create for themselves.


The educational philosophy of our school is endowed with the holistic mentality that encompasses the “People, Places, Programs, Policies and Processes”. The mission provide an immersive and dynamic learning environment, inspiring students to become well-prepared and compassionate innovators and leaders. High school experience is an essential stage of a person’s life that prepares for their further study and career.