Greenbriar High School

Advanced Course

Advanced Course is designed to enhance the academic ability and prepare students for nationwide competitions. Developing a vast variety of skills allows students to be academically competitive and obedient after completing advanced courses. Students can choose different competition courses according to their academic interests. Our specialized teachers provide unbounded educational experiences with exclusive materials. Advanced Course is offered once a week in every semester.

Euclid Math Contest

Euclid Math Contest is a global high school math competition hosted by the University of Waterloo. The competition has become an important indicator for getting admission in science and engineering programs in North America. This course aims to improve students’ problem-solving skills, cultivate independent thinking and rigorous logic. We provide exclusive materials from previous Euclid tests to help students with academic ambitions and mathematical talents.

Model United Nation

Model United Nations is a student conference that enacts simulations of real UN bodies. Participants, or ‘delegates’, are assigned a country and a committee to represent. That committee will have context and necessary details to encourage deep engagement with the issue. QEA Model United Nation Group has participated in the UTMUN as delegates who raised discussions to address their selected topics, with policy documents modeled after real UN resolutions.

High School Market Simulation

This competition is organized by Rotman Commerce and BMO Bank of Montreal. It challenges high school students’ business knowledge, stimulating young people’s financial interests, and fostering more business talents for the future. Our teachers lead the students to stocks’ simulations, to analyze real-time stock trends, to predict the direction of stocks, and to cultivate students’ financial brains and awareness.

Toastmasters Club

Toastmasters Speech Club is one of the world’s most influential non-profit educational institutions. Global Elite Program is honored to collaborate with Toastmaster, providing students with professional English-speaking training. Through the course, students will understand the importance of communication through practice, learn to control emotions, express body language, express international etiquette and so on.

Canadian Computing Competition

Canadian Computing Competition focuses on developing computer programming and algorithm design capabilities for high school students.This course is designed to stimulate students’ interest in programming. Students can learn various practical computer skills with the guidance of professional teachers. W e aim to cultivate students’ interest in programming, stimulate their learning enthusiasm and potential, and improve their comprehensive computer knowledge.

Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contests

The Canadian High School Mathematics Competition provides students a high-competitive math platform. winning an award of CSIMC helps students apply university scholarship and increase the admission chance. Our teachers combine simulation exercises and personal competitive experiences in lectures so that students get to improve observation and analysis abilities.