Greenbriar High School

On the very first day of school, President Carol announced the theme of this semester: “Positive Thinking”. Thinking in a good way means setting off on the right foot. Learning is a process that involves both teachers and students, and it’s a joint effort that makes a school better.

The pandemic interfered school life and students have had to take the online courses at home during self-quarantine. The outbreak also forced cancellation of the long planed graduation ceremony.

Graduates can’t wear graduation gowns, receive diplomas in the hall, but it is still a ritual and a huge part of Greenbriarer’s journey. Greenbriar teachers sent their best wishes toward graduates in different ways.

Looking back, we had activities during the past year, witnessing Greenbriar students’ growth and many unforgettable memories.

Opening Ceremony

As the highlight of the first week, Greenbriar prepared many necessities for the students. After receiving school uniforms, they took the admissions test, played games and experienced simulated classes. The Opening Ceremony set a good start for this year.

Greenbriar Election

Candidates contributed their ideas on how to improve campus environment, develop more activities and make campus life more convenient. After the vote and approval by the teachers, the new Student Centre was finally formed. We hope they can bring

vitality to the school.

University Visiting

In autumn, students and guide teachers visited several prestigious universities in Ontario. Communicating with university admissions, students learned much first-hand information that they could refer to when deciding what college they will choose.

Public Lecture

Greenbriar held various public lectures, from IELTS to college application. These lectures not only gave the school an atmosphere of intellectual earnestness but allowed students to communicate and experience the university-mode classes in advance.